Queen of Apostles School


108 Tribute Street East
Riverton WA 6148
(08) 9457 4913

Principals Welcome

Welcome to Queen of Apostles School’s new website. I hope you enjoy navigating through the various pages and gaining a small insight into the rich and diverse range of teaching and learning experiences and adventures that our staff, students and parents are engaged in. Queen of Apostles is a Catholic, double streamed, co-educational primary school catering for children from Kindergarten through to Year 6. We currently have a student population of just over 380 and a staff of 50 full-time and part-time dedicated professionals.

Our school is focussed on providing a high quality educational environment where our students are encouraged, supported and challenged to achieve their best and strive for excellence. This occurs within a caring, nurturing and supportive atmosphere based on our Christian, Catholic values and traditions. We are very much about developing the ‘whole child’ so that they may discover what their talents and abilities are and develop them to their potential.

Our school enjoys an outstanding level of support and engagement from our parents and carers, evidenced by the ‘family-orientated feel’ that many parents comment positively upon. We enjoy fantastic support and input from our Parents and Friends Association and also from our School Board.

This year our school celebrates it’s 60th Anniversary, which will provide opportunities to reflect back on our beginnings and pay tribute to our founders and pioneers, while we also look at the present and celebrate our successes, and look to the future with excitement, anticipation and a well developed sense of purpose.

Please do not hesitate to contact our Administration Officer, Mrs. Terri Healey, should you wish to receive an Enrolment Application Pack, or to schedule an Enrolment Interview and tour of the school.

Peace and best wishes,
Shaun O’Neill

Our Vision

Queen of Apostles School is a vibrant, Catholic community which follows in the footsteps of Christ and his Mother, Mary, who gave witness to the values of love, unity and peace.

We provide a nurturing, inclusive and safe environment which celebrates each individual’s unique talents and qualities.

Our school encourages a passion for lifelong learning and prepares today’s children for their place in tomorrow’s society.

Love Unity and Peace